Madhouse of Depth

The latest chapter in the 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional and back again of me.

So far my face has been modeled into Leon Kennedy’s videogame face multiple times, become the real-life version of Gerard Way’s (My Chemical Romance) demolition groom, and computer-animated into Leon Kennedy’s face in back-to-back Resident Evil CGI feature films.

Now my portrayal of noir detective, Jack Anvil, in Donald F. Glut’s Madhouse of Death Tales of Frankenstein is being turned into a graphic novel. Here is a sample!



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  1. Great post!

    **** Dr. Alison Pearlman is a Los Angeles-based art historian and cultural critic who writes about contemporary art, media, design, and restaurants. Her latest book is SMART CASUAL: The Transformation of Gourmet Restaurant Style in America (University of Chicago). Pearlman teaches modern and contemporary art and design history at Cal Poly Pomona.


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