2Tpeds from Street 2 Strip

Shot some sweet pics for the first annual Tomahawk Cup (note: as of 2015, the event is now called MOPEDGP). The 1970’s motorized bicycles have gotten too fast for the streets and are now racing full-rules Euro style…..Here are some previews. I can release more after the first 2015 production meetings.


You may recognize the frame in the middle if you followed the Tomahawk blog, it was the last bike I helped Xtophe/Tomahawk with aesthetic design in like 2011. The paint was originally inspired by Keith Haring, Nicki Minaj, Piet Mondrian, and M.I.A. in a pattern that Nicki would wear on stage as a bodysuit. A friend was styling her at the time so the thought was in my mind.


The FREE raffle bike, can’t beat that..


Chris H approaches his TSM



Helmets off to these guys pictured below — Dave Fink (of Fink’s) and Xtophe (of Tomahawk Mopeds) — for organizing the largest North American moped racing event to date.



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