Psalms & Market


This space has always been sort of an alternate view of my “official” acting/commercial/print exploits and a break from blogging I’ve done for others over the years. Today, it is my homework.

This summer, upon leaving Altru Apparel (check out the autumn/winter collection, so good) and helping launch L.A.T.H.C. and DVSN of Labor, I enrolled in a professional internet marketing program through the Driehaus School of Business at DePaul University. A Catholic university (the largest ever) with enough of a sense of irony to proudly employ an amazing little demon as their mascot wins my tuition dollars all day.


Coming to this course with self-taught digital marketing and merchandising techniques allows me to fully appreciate Professor James Moore’s lectures and coursework. Not only is the program adding structure and theory to my understanding of the field, but the wealth of recommended online resources, marketing tools, and media software has significantly added to my own bag of tricks.

Unfortunately, the power of 19th century Vincentian monks does not appear to facilitate streaming video lectures while studying at Starbucks.


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