Hold My Feer. This Is Gonna Be Awesome.

I still listen to the GPM side-project of LeMans (LeMans Electro). By 2006, pop music and fashion had pretty much absorbed all the 1980’s we worked so hard to bring back. So on the side, with Joe, I created a more forward (retro-forward, that is) thinking 1990’s style project featuring breaks, house organs, a little drum-and-bass, and a completely unfashionable, at the time, (in 2006 when the public was just getting into the 80’s thing) industrial-dance, ebm, and deathrock persona. While LeMans had a decidedly electroclash and pre-coldwave bent, 2006’s God Punished Me hinted at a Death-Raver-Grunge-via-2011-Urban-Outfitters aesthetic. Die Antwoord, Sonny Moore, and every hipster girl last year later perfected this look by a thousand times of awesome. The LeMans (especially Coldlife in the Fastlane) music outsells God Punished Me like 20:1 on iTunes and Spotify etc., but that’s probably because we put the blood, sweat and tears into living that movement before it crept its way out of the eastside. God Punished Me was a last spurt of creativity as 24 hours a day became somehow not enough time continue producing music 😦


I also put a bunch of stuff up on Soundcloud


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