Primarily a print and commercial actor (campaigns include Orbit Gum, Coors Light, CocaCola, McDonald’s, Foster Grant, Asics Footwear, Kawasaki, Playstation II, Rexona, Auri Footwear, Heiniken, Bud Light Lime, Thrasher, Vegas Visitor and Convention Bureau, Nestle’s, MeltinPot Jeans, Hot Topic, Harley Davidson, Mini Cooper, LRN, Oceana Hotels), Jamisin also appears in films, television, video games, and music videos. Catch Jamisin as the face model for Resident Evil’s Leon S. Kennedy as well as the 2009-2011 spokesmodel for Foster Grant. Head fight coordinator for a Blockbuster Video action movie of the year, Jamisin practices and teaches mystical martial arts and will rescue Helena from the 1000 demons as her My Chemical Romance demolition lover.


Or you may see him on the side of the road trying to get one of his bikes started.



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