Welcome to Long Beach City

One of my favorite conventions and organizers. See you next year.

Leon Kennedy face model Jamisin Matthews at LBCC


Madhouse of Depth

The latest chapter in the 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional and back again of me.

So far my face has been modeled into Leon Kennedy’s videogame face multiple times, become the real-life version of Gerard Way’s (My Chemical Romance) demolition groom, and computer-animated into Leon Kennedy’s face in back-to-back Resident Evil CGI feature films.

Now my portrayal of noir detective, Jack Anvil, in Donald F. Glut’s Madhouse of Death Tales of Frankenstein is being turned into a graphic novel. Here is a sample!


OJ2 Pre-Vendetta Chronicles

Inspired by Marilyn Manson’s lofi IG videos and having worked on Damnation and Degeneration, I made my own lowlight, lofi, grainy, VHS trilogy loosely based on the present day re-union of a “cured” Manuela and LSK. Silent and only a few seconds long, these link to my @JMSNTV instagram account. Probly best viewed on mobile. The original footage was repurposed from a non-related audition video I made that day. The second two were intended for this video set.


Jamisin Matthews Leon Kennedy Face Model Degeneration Damnation

Jamisin Matthews Leon Kennedy Face Model Degeneration Damnation pre-Vendetta

Jamisin Matthews Leon S Kennedy Face Model Degneration Damnation pre-Vendetta


Chinese Connection

Had alot of fun at the KZ Grand launch event. Film director, Kimberly Zhao will film five features back to back here in Los Angeles. Happy to reconnect with many Chinese-American actors and stunt performers I have trained with and worked with over the years!




Thanks Long Beach

Had an amazing time at Long Beach Comic Expo. Even taught martial arts to a puppet! Looks like I’m invited back for Long Beach Comic Con at the end of the year. See you then!

Jamisin Matthews Leon Kennedy Face Model Operation Raccoon City Darkside Chronicles Degeneration Damnation

Beach Head Shot

Long Bach Convention Center. Weekend after Valentine’s Day. Come through! I’ll be signing My Chemical Romance, Resident Evil, and Britney Spears stuff. CELEB5 is my table..



Mel Novak (Game of Death) continues Dr. Frankenstein’s work in Donald Glut’s upcoming Frankenstein film. Don was the guy who wrote the official Empire Strikes Back novel, as well as Transformers and Masters of the Universe cartoons. TJ Storm (Godzilla and Deadpool’s Colossus) rounds out the cast just makes things even more difficult for my character, Jack Anvil, Private Investigator.




Thanks Los Angeles Comic Con

Thank you Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con for the hospitality and especially thanks to all the new friends who visited me in autograph alley. This year’s attendance broke all previous records and has established Stan Lee’s LACC as one of the biggest and brightest comic cons in the world. Neighbors with Austin St. John (MMPR) and opposite Veronica Taylor (Pokemon, TMNT), I was in all-pro company. I even got to meet up with Gerard Way again and caught Mike Tyson’s “walkout”. Not sure which con I’m going to do next, but follow @JMSNTV on instagram for updates!


jamisin matthews comic con


For many year I’ve looked into the various comic conventions and this one always intrigued me.  So,  I’m happy to announce that I will be a signing guest at Stan Lee’s Comikaze.Expo 2016 . Looking forward to swapping stories about college life on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Life on the Murderscene, and walking dead in Raccoon City. Also going to meet the Champ, Mike Tyson.

Comikaze Jamisin Matthews appearence

Mad Men 2

On the other side of the lens, I’ve just completed the rebrand of the largest mopedGP racing organization in the Western Hemisphere. Logos, copy, videos, website, merch, and some social media.

Screen shot 2015-10-29 at 4.45.43 PM

Screen shot 2015-10-29 at 4.46.59 PM

Screen shot 2015-10-29 at 4.49.15 PM

905521_10205249476612518_1696409372777947992_o (1)



Behind the scenes shots from a few recent projects….

Los Angeles Center Studios is one of my favorites because it is downtown and the home of Mad Men.

This photography studio (ETS) is in my old stomping grounds, just east of downtown in the industrial/fashion district.

Noel Jean stylin’ models out at this tech photoshoot.

Doxie vibes

Yes Deer

Attended some great panels, discussions and acting workshops at American Film Institute during this year’s SAG Conservatory summer intensive.


One of my favorite campuses


Raccoon Ops

Finally found these online. More of my portrayal of Leon Kennedy for the Resident Evil series. These ones from Operation Raccoon City. Notice I’m not putting up the Leon death scenes.

Leon-Kennedy-Face-Model-Jamisin-Matthews-Operation-Raccoon-City1 Leon-Kennedy-Face-Model-Jamisin-Matthews-Operation-Raccoon-City2 Leon-Kennedy-Face-Model-Jamisin-Matthews-Operation-Raccoon-City3 Resident-Evil-RC-credits-Jamisin-Matthews